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January 2007

Colourful Traditions - Desert Festival - Rajasthan

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Rajasthan is synonymous with the Thar Desert of India. The Thar Desert has transcended the fact of being just a geographical entity and is now a part and parcel of every Rajasthani. Hence it is no wonder, that a special Desert Festival is organized to commemorate the spirit of Rajasthan in the desert state of Rajasthan.

Held during the winters, the desert festival of Jaisalmer can rightly be called a showcase of Rajasthan's culture and vibrancy. The first thing you notice on reaching the venue is color splashed everywhere. Be it the gaily-decorated shops or the colorfully dressed people, you can find it everywhere. The desert festival provides a lot of scope for fun and enjoyment. Shop for mementos, enjoy camel rides or gush at the unique spectacle of camel dances - you can never have a dull moment in Jaisalmer.

A day at the Jaisalmer desert festival would be an out of the world experience but the merriment seems to grow as the day wears on. A huge number of folk artists and performers descend on the festival venue around evening and regale visitors with their lively performances. Bon fires and colorful camps further make it an ideal place to spend a delightful evening complete with music, food and folk tales. If you want to be a part of the desert festival of Jaisalmer next year, make sure to visit Jaisalmer between January 31 - 2 February (2007).

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Colourful Traditions - Baneshwar Fair - Rajasthan

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The Baneshwar Fair is celebrated with much pomp and fanfare by the tribal population of Rajasthan in region of Dungarpur, where they are joined by tribals of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat as well. A religious event involving traditional rituals, the Baneshwar Fair is spread over a period of four days.

The Baneshwar fair is held at a small delta formed by the river Som and Mahi. In fact, the fair is actually a merger of two different fairs: one which used to be held in honor of Lord Shiva and another fair which started after the construction of the Vishnu temple by Jankunwari, daughter-in-law of Mavji, a highly revered saint considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Besides its spiritual significance, the Baneshwar Fair is also a colorful affair replete with cultural programmes, magic shows, animal shows and acrobatic feats that are sure to delight an avid photographer. A number of gaily-decorated stalls occupy the place of pride in the Baneshwar Fair and sell everything ranging from essential items to handicrafts. If you visit the Baneshwar fair during your Travel to Rajasthan, you will surely agree that it is an unconventional but a very enjoyable affair. It may be reminded that the Baneshwar Fair is being held from 29th January to 2nd February in 2007. .

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